Fandom Super Land Fandom Super Land

The biggest community event experience in Indonesia

The largest community event presented by United Creative. This event is held every year by combining all IP from United Creative, starting from K-vibes, J-vibes, Dramaojol, Rahasia Gadis, Pengamat Sepak Bola, Tulisan Alam, Lapers Story Network, MMD, Khazanah Network, Musicamp and Dunia Kesehatan with various various experiences such as Talkshow, Competition, Art Exhibition, Band Submission, F&B Bazaar, Fashion Bazaar, Garage Sale, and Music performance. Fandom Super Land also collaborates with other communities to participate in this series of events. Various local performance artists also enlivened this event starting from Reality Club, Ghea Indrawari, David Bayu, The Sigit, Perunggu, The Jansen, Tuan 13, Christie and many more! See you on Fandom Super Land 2024!

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Unity In Creativity
Banner Success
The first Fandom Super Land was successfully held in the city of Bandung with total offline traffic of 1.619.886 and 42.014 registrants on the website for 3 months.

Success Story