Island of Gods Island of Gods

The Future of E-sports

In 2019, Bali United Football Club launched the first ever e-sports team owned by a football club in Indonesia. Named Island of Gods (IOG), the team now has 5 divisions: Free Fire (Male and Female); PUBG Mobile, FIFA, and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). IOG also made e-sports history by launching the first all-female team for the Free Fire division called Island of Goddess. Often competing in various matches both online and offline, IOG e-sports became a team that is spotlighted in the e-sports world. Every month, IOG e-sports holds a community event called IOG Dewata to reach gamers in the Bali area. Every year, IOG also holds a national scale tournament in Bali entitled Bali United E-sports Championship. Event management and online management of these community events have also been managed by United Creative. During Bali United E-sports Championship, the tournament garnered over 2,000 teams registered and over a thousand attendants during the grand finals.

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“With more than 43 million gamers, Indonesia will soon become one of the epicenter of E-sports.”

Banner Success

Since the rivalry between e-sports team in Indonesia is growing, United Creative decided to take a different angle to Island of Gods. Channeling the football nature of the team, United Creative highlights the talents’ connection to Bali United, as the younger brother of the club. Content like Bali United players physically training the e-sports players, and the e-sports players teaching the football players to play mobile games, managed to gain a lot of traction from the community. Since 2019, Island of Gods was able to reach almost 90,000 organic followers on its social media accounts. In July, United Creative also produced IOG’s content collaboration with Inter Milan’s e-sports team (InterClash), through a friendly international Pro Evolution Soccer match.


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