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Information and community media portal that focuses on J-Culture (Japanese Culture) which consists of Anime, J-Pop, Idol, and Japanese Culture. Has a total of 1.7M followers spread across various social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok) with community members consisting of J-Pop and Anime Enthusiasts with a total of 5,000 members spread across (Whatsapp and Discord). JVIBES.ID accommodates the community of J-Culture lovers in Indonesia by providing the best content and events suitable for weebs.

For more information, visit : https://www.instagram.com/jvibes.id/

"Bangga jadi Wibu.."
Banner Success
In 2022 JVIBES became media partner of Head in the Clouds in Indonesia and get an exclusive interview with YOASOBI. Followed by 2023, JVIBES created a Helloweebs Community Event which has been held in 6 big cities in Indonesia. We have also collaborated with 3 idols from Japan and at the end of 2023 JVIBES get an exclusive interview with YAMA.

Success Story