Rahasia Gadis Rahasia Gadis

The Largest Women Community in Indonesia

Founded in 2015, Rahasia Gadis is a community platform that empowers young girls to have empathy, practice self-love, and also to celebrate diversity in Indonesia. With a total of 5.4 million followers across all platforms, Rahasia Gadis group is divided into three content pillars: mental health, beauty, and community support system (Agen Rahasia). In 2020, Rahasia Gadis launched a campaign entitled #KamuTidakSendiri to raise awareness about loneliness during the pandemic. In line with the campaign, Rahasia Gadis revamped its new website and re-introduced the “Confession Room.” On average, more than 500 young women confess using the Confession Room feature, and their stories are shared again on the website anonymously.

For more information, visit : https://www.rahasiagadis.com/

Introducing Agen Rahasia Members, Rahasia Gadis leaders located across Indonesia
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What differs Rahasia Gadis from other women platforms is the community. Since 2020, Rahasia Gadis introduced Agen Rahasia: active members of Rahasia Gadis grouped by their interests ranging from Women’s health to content creating, and also by location. The application-based membership program fosters young girls to be agents of Rahasia Gadis’ values, while educating them about the importance of mental health, beauty inside out, and soft skills, through weekly and quarterly activations.