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Falling in love and out of love is a big part of a youth’s life. They daydream of finding the love of their life, and experience heartbreak over and over again. However, they find solace in reading poems that reflect their feelings. Words in nature, feelings in nature: that’s where Tulisan Alam comes in. Through words Tulisan Alam heals the broken hearts of Indonesia’s “galau” youths. Beyond a social media page, Tulisan Alam has also published a book which was sold on e-commerce platforms.

For more information, visit : https://www.instagram.com/tulisanalam

"Hopeless romantics feel less alone together.."
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Our community is very active on chatting apps, where more than a thousand of them share their relationship stories or heart mending quotes. Every week, we activate them through zoom sessions where they can get to know each other, both men and women, and possibly form a connection through the stories they share.

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